Frequently Asked Questions

How long will Ksher transfer the settlement amount to Merchant’s bank account?

Thailand’s merchant

Settlement time will depend on Merchant type and Merchant’s bank account as table below.

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Malaysia’s merchant

Wechat/Alipay: T+3

Does Ksher service system provide automatically cut off time?

Yes, Ksher service system automatically provides cut off time every day as per below information. (Thai time)

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Ksher transfers the settlement amount of each e-wallet together or not?

No, Ksher transfers the settlement amount of each e-wallet separately.

So, it will be easy for merchants to check settled transaction from each payment channel.

Does Ksher has minimum amount of transaction for transferring the settlement amount or not?

Yes, Ksher has minimum amount of 100 baht after deducted the commission fee, each e-wallet is counted separately.

For example,

if Merchant have transactions

  • PromptPay transaction for 25 baht,

  • Wechat Pay transaction for 25 baht,

  • Airpay transaction for 25 baht,

  • and TrueMoney transaction for 25 baht,

Ksher system will still not transfer these amounts.

Refund Rules & Method

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The default refund over transaction day mode for all Ksher merchants is 'User Balance Mode'.

Which means if merchants want to make a refund over transaction day, merchants have to recieved transaction to their Ksher account equal or more than the amount merchants want to refund, then merchant will be able to process refund successfully.

If merchants urgently need a successfully refund, merchants can contact Ksher customer service to coordinate to transfer money to top-up in merchant’s Ksher account so that the merchant can make the refund successfully.

Does Ksher has a website or an online portal for merchants that can access, and check transactions, shop information, and the settlement details?

Yes, our website which was especially made for merchant is [Merchant Platform](

Merchant can check the transaction amount Real Time, check the shop information, settlement details, and can download the report as an Excel file as well.

Does Ksher deliver a proof of payment (Payslip), and How it was sent to merchant?

Ksher will send a proof of payment (Payslip) received from the bank to merchant via email every day that has a settlement to merchant’s bank account.

Receipt / Tax invoice

Ksher will submit the tax invoice only for corporate type of merchants.

Ksher will send the electronic tax invoice (E-Tax) by registered mail.

Ksher will withhold the tax for merchant, and will send it to the Revenue Department by ourselves.

Credit note / Invoice

Ksher will issue Credit note / Invoice only for refund over transaction of Wechat Pay / Alipay / Credit/Debit Card.

If merchant want to change bank account /address on the tax invoice, merchant name or other information, can merchant change by themselves?

No, merchant need to contact Ksher Customer Service Center and fill out

[ Ksher Request Change Information Form ]

with authorized person signature and company seal, then submit the form together with relevant documents such as if changing bank accounts, attached a copy of new bank account with signature/company seal to

After Ksher staff has received the information and documents, will proceed changing information within 2-3 business days.

Contact Ksher Customer Service

Phone 02 150 0508

Line : @ksherservice

Where to download the private KEY

You need to access your merchant portal for resetting/downloading your private KEY.Please get it from

For more detail please see How to download Private key Page.

Where to find my merchant No.?

Is there a way to contact Ksher technical support.

Please contact Ksher sales represantitave and get a Ksher developer support channel account or check other chanel on Contact Page.

Where can I find samples for a specific integration scenario.

If you are using SDK, there is sample included in each SDK package. If you are using API, please ask in the support channel and we will be happy to provide.

Is there a solution for my use case

Please raise your question in the support channel. We will be happy to hear from you.

How to calculate the "sign" field in the API request message.

The sign field is generated using RSA signature algorithm, Please read Signature Algorithm for detail.

Ksher API request to use SSL or Token?

No, we not request on this.

Did card support iframe?


How I jump select wallet on ksher side?

Please send "channel_list " to API only one channel. It will be redirect to wallet you send.