Dispute and Chargeback

A chargeback (sometimes called a dispute) is the process initiated when a cardholder disputes a transaction through their personal bank.

Cause of dispute

  1. A cardholder has never used or received goods & service from that merchants

  2. The incurred tarnsaction is a duplicate bill.

  3. The transaction that has already made by other payment methods, such as cash or other credit card.

  4. The charged amount is not correct.

  5. In the case ,It has been canceled the transaction by the merchants or service providers.

  6. Payment was successfully made, but it still has not received the product or service as scheduled time.

  7. The received product is not as same as the agreement. It may be defective or a different item from ordered.

  8. Other cases, for example, the agreement that if a purchase is made,a card holder will receive a credit cash back. However,a card holder does not receive a refund in accordance with the requirements.

Merchants Dispute Appeal Process

merchants dispute appeal process

Merchant 's Evidence Submission Guildeline

Tangible products

  • Cardholder information: Name and delivery address

  • Order details: The list of all the items ordered.

  • Online Shopping channels and methods: Store name and Website link.

  • The Evidence of the cardholder actually received the merchandise or the cardholder has already benefited from that products

Digital products

  • Cardholder information: Name and delivery address

  • Order details: The list of all the items ordered.

  • Product Purchase Channels and Methods: Store name and Website link.Any record indicates that the buyer accessed the website or application on the date of the transaction.Otherwise,after any recorded date indicates that the buyer has received or downloaded the product which must clearly specify the date and time


  • Cardholder information: Name and delivery address

  • Order details: The list of all the items ordered.

  • Shopping channels and methods: Store name and Website link

  • The evidence shows that the cardholder has been serviced.

We recommend all Merchant to send documents in English Version. Due to the reviewing process, the committee of credit card networks (Visa, Mastercard and JCB) will be included.

How to avoid a chargeback

  • Be clear about the Return , Refund and Cancellation policy

Make sure your policies are clearly stated and legible at the time of transaction. Your policies must be pre-printed on your sales receipt. If not, make sure that the policy information has been added to the sales receipt near the signature line of the Customers before customers sign Make sure the policy is accurate and clear on every copy of the receipt. Failure to disclose the policy at the time of the transaction can be a disadvantage in the event that a customer tries to return the ordered product.

  • quickly Issuing receipt

Issue your sales and credit receipts within one to five business days of the transaction.Do not delay, failing to issue a receipt in a timely manner may result in a chargeback. since "Delayed invoice display"

  • Be careful while recording the transactions.

Ensure that the invalid receipt has been nullified and the transaction has been processed only once. Entering the same transaction at a time Or issuing both a copy of the merchant and a copy of the bank receipt to the owner of the terminal Or entering more than one transaction of the same commercial bank transaction can result in chargebacks due to Can "duplicate transactions"

  • Keep informing the customers of the transaction status

In the case that the delivery of the cardholder’s order will be delay informed.Should inform the cardholder of such delay as well as the expected delivery or new service date.

  • Shipping the goods before making the transaction.

Do not make transaction with your commercial bank until the relevant product has been dispatched. If customers see any transaction listed on their monthly Visa card statement prior to receive the item.This may prevent a chargeback.