What Document need to be submit?

Individual Corporate

[  ]  *1. Copy of Owner/Director’s ID Card or Passport

[  ]  *1. Copy of Owner/Director’s ID Card or Passport

[  ]  *2. Commercial registration/House registration book/Lease of the shop property * (can choose one)

[  ]   2. Copy of Owner/Director’s Work Permit (Page 2-3) not expire * (Mandatory for foreign owner/director

[  ]  *3. Copy of bankbook

[  ]  *3. Copy of bankbook

[  ]  *4. Copy of Owner/Director’s Work Permit  (Page 2-3) not expired * (Mandatory for foreign owner)

[  ]  *4. Copy of Company Certificate issued by DBD (update date not over 6 months) For those who want to apply Rabbit LINE Pay, Credit Card Company Certificate need to be copied not over 3 months

[  ]  *5. Shop Photo or (Website/Facebook page/Instagram/ETC.)  screenshot (with  Merchant Logo or Merchant Name, together with the refund and shipping policy written on website) and Product/Service Photo * (if applicable)

[  ]  *5. Shop Photo or (Website/Facebook page/Instagram/ETC.)  screenshot (with Merchant Logo or Merchant Name, together with the refund and shipping policy  written on website) and Product/Service Photo * (if applicable)

[  ]  6. Business license certificate or Proof source of products (E.g. travel agency certificate, Distributor letter, reseller agreement, reseller receipt, trademark license,  etc.) * (Mandatory for some specific business)

[  ]   6. Business license certificate or Proof source of products (E.g. travel agency certificate, Distributor letter, reseller agreement, reseller receipt, trademark license,  etc.) * (Mandatory for some specific business)

[  ]  7. Copy of E-Commerce registrationcertificate (DBD Registered) *(if applicable) for applying online credit/debit card merchants)

[  ]  7. Copy of E-Commerce registrationcertificate (DBD Registered) *(if applicable) for applying online credit/debit card merchants)


-Please  note that all the documents mentioned above must be signed, stamped and certified by signing or watermarking “This document is used for making e-payment contract with Ksher only.”

-Please kindly return the mentioned documents above to Ksher within 7 days after registration. The e-payment service will be fully activated only after you have submitted all the mentioned documents above.

[  ]  8. Certified copy of VAT registration   certificate (VAT 2.0/0.9/1.0) * (if applicable)

[  ]   *9. Copy of  Memorandum of association (Bor.Or.Jor3) * (Mandatory for limited company applying credit/debit cards)