Account type and API support each wallet

In ksher we have accout type Online and offline type.

Online and offline account

The diffrenct beterweent Online and offline account is type when we connect with wallet. All of QR generate is dynamic QR.

C Scan B(native_pay)

support: wechat /alipay /promptpay /truemoney/airpay

offline account: alipay/wechat/promptpay/airpay

online account: wechat /promptpay/truemoney

B Scan C(quick_pay)

support: wechat/alipay/Truemoney/linepay/airpay

offline account: wechat/alipay/Truemoney/linepay/airpay

online account: -

Web/mobile (gateway API)

Wechat pay on mobile can use by send link by wechat chat only, this rule from wechat.

support: wechat/alipay/Truemoney/linepay/airpay/card

offline account: -

online account: wechat/alipay/Truemoney/linepay/airpay/card