Where to download the private KEY

You need to access your merchant portal for resetting/downloading your private KEY.Please get it from https://merchant.ksher.net

For more detail please see How to download Private key Page.

Where to find my merchant No.?

Is there a way to contact Ksher technical support.

Please contact Ksher sales represantitave and get a Ksher developer support channel account https://support.ksher.net or check other chanel on Contact Page.

Where can I find samples for a specific integration scenario.

If you are using SDK, there is sample included in each SDK package. If you are using API, please ask in the support channel and we will be happy to provide.

Is there a solution for my use case

Please raise your question in the support channel. We will be happy to hear from you.

How to calculate the "sign" field in the API request message.

The sign field is generated using RSA signature algorithm, Please read Signature Algorithm for detail.

Ksher API request to use SSL or Token?

No, we not request on this.

Did card support iframe?


How I jump select wallet on ksher side?

Please send "channel_list " to API only one channel. It will be redirect to wallet you send.